Sunday, November 28, 2010


Just enjoyed my first "Scanfest" event! It won't be my last. I learned a lot in the short time I was there. I even got a few photos scanned while I was at it! Thanks to Miriam at "AnceStories", who hosts this once a month. I'm so glad to have "followers", now! Thank you so much!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jefferson Davis Memorial Park

My son's 5th grade class went to Jefferson Davis Memorial Park on a field trip. My husband was able to go and take photos. The park is located just outside Irwinville, GA. (A detailed description of how Jefferson Davis Memorial Park was founded is located in the book "History of Irwin County" by J.B. Clements. His father, R.W. Clements, was a Confederate Veteran who bought the land where Jefferson Davis (the  President of the "Confederate States of America" ) was captured. ) As I viewed the pictures my husband took, one  of them stood out to me. All I saw was the name Paulk! I zoomed in and read the card next to the gun. It said that the shotgun (2nd one down from the top) belonged to "Little George" Paulk, donated by his Great-Grandson Jake Paulk. It noted that George Paulk was a "Senator from Irwin Co, GA from 1856-1860". So now, while I have a good idea who this man was, I have research to do! More on this tomorrow!   


PAULK-George's Shotgun

PAULK-George's Shotgun
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photo taken 2010Nov11-at Jefferson Davis State Park, Irwinville, GA-by Jeremy Jones-while my son was on a field trip with his 5th grade class

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

5th grade "Civil War Museum"...

Our 10yr old son has been working on the Civil War in Social Studies. About six weeks ago he was given instructions for a "Civil War Scrapbook" that had six separate projects to work on, that would become "pages" in his scrapbook. This was his first long term project. (A monster of a project but the end result was worth it! He was super proud of himself and I-well, of course his scrapbook was right up there with all the great masterpieces of literature, in my eyes!) His school invited us to their "Civil War Museum", which we went to last night. Everyone's scrapbook was on their desk for our viewing pleasure. There were even two plays for us to watch! One was the newspaper interviewing Confederate soldiers, before they had been in a fight yet. My son was Confederate Soldier #17-a "17yr old (shhh! don't tell!) from Charlotte, NC. He enlisted just to have fun-thought it would be a great time, and the war would be over in two weeks anyway, and he'd come home a hero!" The boy next to him used his best "Robert E Lee" impression (sounded just like the "Old South"). Then it was the Union's turn to be interviewed. One soldier talked about the "salted pork and meat, and plenty of sugar for coffee-lots of coffee!" and other said they were "getting their pay of $13 a week". Lots of differences between Union and Confederate soldiers!

I enjoyed it-and learned a lot. I think they all learned a lot, too! Tomorrow they are going on a field trip to Jefferson Davis State Park. This is right in the area where my Paulk ancestors lived! More on this tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Great Tip...

(Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with or paid by Family Tree Magazine! I love the magazine, and find some great ideas that sometimes lead to great discoveries that I want to share!) The other day, I was reading "Family Tree Magazine" and there was an article about how to interview family members ("Oh, the Stories They'll Tell!" by Sunny McClellan Morton/Dec2010). At the end of the article, she gives advice on finding members of the local historical society to interview, by doing an internet search for "the town or county name along with the phrase "genealogical society" or "historical society". So I tried it, and one of the search results was a "Berrien Co GA Historical Photos". ( ) I love old photos, and I found so many PAULK family photos on this website that I had never seen before-I was in heaven! The photos are organized by "family name", or I could search by surname. 

When my Granny and Grandparents (Paulk) died, I guess you could say I "inherited" a lot of their photos. (I have the room for them, my family knows how excited I am to get new photos, and they know I take good care of them.) There were many that I didn't know who they were. I was finally able to find out when I saw some of these same photos on the website, with captions telling who they were! That was the best part of all. My mom was able to look at some of the ones we've never seen and recognize her 15yr old Dad! 
I've had a lot of fun with this, and wanted to share this idea on my blog. Maybe there are others out there that could find some great photos or family info using this search tip! Good luck!