Thursday, November 11, 2010

5th grade "Civil War Museum"...

Our 10yr old son has been working on the Civil War in Social Studies. About six weeks ago he was given instructions for a "Civil War Scrapbook" that had six separate projects to work on, that would become "pages" in his scrapbook. This was his first long term project. (A monster of a project but the end result was worth it! He was super proud of himself and I-well, of course his scrapbook was right up there with all the great masterpieces of literature, in my eyes!) His school invited us to their "Civil War Museum", which we went to last night. Everyone's scrapbook was on their desk for our viewing pleasure. There were even two plays for us to watch! One was the newspaper interviewing Confederate soldiers, before they had been in a fight yet. My son was Confederate Soldier #17-a "17yr old (shhh! don't tell!) from Charlotte, NC. He enlisted just to have fun-thought it would be a great time, and the war would be over in two weeks anyway, and he'd come home a hero!" The boy next to him used his best "Robert E Lee" impression (sounded just like the "Old South"). Then it was the Union's turn to be interviewed. One soldier talked about the "salted pork and meat, and plenty of sugar for coffee-lots of coffee!" and other said they were "getting their pay of $13 a week". Lots of differences between Union and Confederate soldiers!

I enjoyed it-and learned a lot. I think they all learned a lot, too! Tomorrow they are going on a field trip to Jefferson Davis State Park. This is right in the area where my Paulk ancestors lived! More on this tomorrow!