Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advent Calendar: Day 15

In Memory:
 Jason and Nola Sue (Clayton) Paulk
Married 57 years on
21 December 1953

These were my maternal Grandparents. Nola Sue Clayton grew up in South Fulton, KY. She was the last of seven children. Jason Paulk grew up in Berrien County, GA. My Grandaddy was originally stationed in Galveston, TX while he was in the Navy, during WWII. He stayed there to finish his college Degree in Chiropractic Medicine. My Grandmommy, after her first husband died tragically after being electrocuted, decided to visit her older sister in Galveston, TX.  I imagine she needed to "get away" for a while. The story goes that, my Grandmommy was in the grocery store at the same time my Granddaddy was. He walked past the aisle she was on...and did a double-take! He walked up to her, they started talking, and the rest is history! They were absolutely one of the most "in-love" married couples I've ever seen! They had three children, all girls, the oldest one being my Mom. Unfortunately, the story didn't end as happy as it started. My Grandmommy died from breast cancer in December 1987. She was only 52 years old. I was 15ys old when she died, and I still miss her terribly. My Grandaddy died in September 1999, just a few months before I gave birth to my son (who was born in December, as well). My Grandaddy did re-marry twice after Grandmommy died, but I don't think he was ever the same since. None of us were! They were a loving couple who raised a loving family-a great example to me of how I want my family to be. My mom had me when she had just turned 17ys old. While that wasn't ideal at the time, I'm happy she had me so young. Otherwise, I would never have known them the way I did. Happy Anniversary, Grandmommy and Granddaddy! I love you both!