Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My Profile needs your help!

You won’t hurt my feelings, I promise. But I need help putting together a Bio/Profile that I can use on my blogs and other social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. I tend to write way too much. So I tried to make my Bio shorter. It just feels impersonal. Not to mention boring.

If any of you experienced, creative, friendly bloggers could give me any advice, or even direct me to a website that could give me advice, I would be forever in your debt! I put my Bio attempt below in quotes.

“My first love is being a mom. My second love is Genealogy/Family History. My third love is Starbucks. I won't bore you with my other interests in History, Lit, Calligraphy, old movies, antiques, ephemera, old family photos, container gardening, needle arts, crochet, and digital photography.” 

Thank you for any advice you can give to me! Again, you won’t hurt my feelings. I trust y’all!
CJ  :) 

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