Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Photograph, Grandma's Doll, and A Necklace

"A photographer's imprint may reveal the places where you ancestor lived, or an artifact depicted in an image may be something you own today."
       -Maureen A. Taylor

As I mentioned in a previous post, my Grandma (Norma ANDERSON VandenEynden - 1921-2010) pretty much refused to talk about her family. So, inheriting her things has put me on a path to find answers to questions I've had my entire life.
     The other day, I was going through her boxes of pictures when I found a cabinet card photo of a beautiful, young lady. The top of the photo says 'Amelia DORMAN'.

I had never seen a photo like this before. I've been reading the book that I quoted from at the beginning, and my understanding is that most young girls at this age had their hair pinned up in the same style as their mother's hair. Amelia's hair was completely let down. I sat admiring her beautiful blond curls and porcelain complexion. I thought about her parents, who were both immigrants from Prussia. I wondered what her life was like. I turned the photo over to see the Photographer's Imprint, which was very elaborate.

I had one more look at Amelia before I started to scan the photo, when something caught my eye. That's when I literally yelled, "The Doll!"