Monday, February 28, 2011

Military Monday: James Joseph "Jim" VandenEynden

James Joseph "Jim" VandenEynden

My Grandpa was a Staff Sergeant in the Marines at the very end of WWII. He enlisted in Cincinnati (St. Bernard), Ohio on May 6, 1943. According to his discharge papers, he served in the Southwest Pacific Area from 18Oct1943 to 28Jan1945,  "participating in the consolidation of the Northern Solomon Islands". His weapons qualifications were as "a Rifle Sharpshooter, with a score of 301 on July 1, 1943'. After his service in the South Pacific, he served as Staff Sergeant at the Marine Aviation Separation Unit One, in Cherry Point, NC. He was given an Honorable Discharge (the war was over and he had served his allotted time) on 2 Nov 1945, and paid "$100 mustering out pay". In addition, he was "furnished travel allowance at the rate of 5 cents per mile" (Wow!) from Cherry Point, NC to Norwood (Cincinnati) , Ohio.  He was issued 2 patches, khaki, for honorable service; issued 2 patches, green, for honorable service; and issued USMC honorable discharge button. His character of service was listed as "excellent".